Online Training

Currently iExamCenter providing opportunity to learning Drupal from experienced faculty.

As a thought of save the time of students and working employees who are not able to come to institutes, we have lanched online drupal training programme. By which the students or employees who want to upgrade their skills can learn drupal from his home without distribing their daily jobs.

Its a drupal online drupal training programme. Here the student can listen the class from his home by our trained faculty by using skype and teamweaver. It is not required to come to institute and wait for the faculty. Our Faculty teach all the things and the stuent can see in his system. Our Trained faculty create, develop the code and everything in runtime. We will teach installation of drupal to development of Real time applicaiton. And at the end of all the classes we will provide the source code also for the reference. And We will provide interview questions and support from our faculty by email or skype.

TO DO this please provide your email id and phone numeber. We will set the convient time by discussing with students and start a batch at morning or night times. And the student can be allowed to attant the class in next batch if he want to listen the same session again. We will to inform if student requested us.

The list of drupal topics

  • What is Drupal
  • Power of the drupal in web development. How it reduces time in development of applicaton.
  • Requirements of durpal
  • Installation of drupal
  • Introduction of drupal websites and community and history
  • Folder structure of drupal and configration file location
  • Current Version and Info regarding the Drupal 5, Drupal 6 and Drupal 7

Introduction of admin panel and frontend
Drupal Termiology

  • Nodes
  • Taxonomy
  • modules
  • Blogs
  • content type ect

Introduction of drupal Admin panel menus
Content management
Site Buliding

  • Modules
  • Blocks

Content Management

  • difference between page and story
  • Create new content type
  • Add custom fields
  • Add Category
  • Dispaly the content
  • Add / Edit / delete the content
  • Introduction of taxonomy
  • Clean urls
  • SEO URLs
  • Management of Taxonomy
  • Difference between contenty type and taxonomy and how to select the taxonomy and content type in real time projects
  • How to add the attachments

Management Of Blocks

  • What is Block
  • What is a Region and default regions
  • How to create custom regions
  • How to create Custom Block
  • The Relation between block and theme
  • Configrations fo Block
  • How to add php filters

Management of Modules

  • Introduction of drupal core moduels and optional modules
  • What is disabling and enabling the module
  • The difference between disabling and uninstalling the module
  • Info regarding the packages, dependency of modules

Management of Menus

  • Introduction of drupal default menus [Primery / secondary and navigation menu]
  • Custom menu creation
  • Add menu to existing content
  • Relation between blocks and menus

Management of Users

  • Add Custom fields to User registration form
  • Add captha to user registration
  • Add / Edit / delete users
  • User roles
  • user permissions

Views and panels modules

  • Create page or block using views module and display customization

Development of realtime contentmanagent application
Custom Module Development

  • Info file
  • Modle file
  • Templates
  • install fine
  • Development of custom module to retrive the content and display in custom template.

Hook Mechanism [A very important concept of drupal]

  • Introduction of main hooks in module files

Custom theme Development

  • Detail Discussion of Converting a html template to Drupal theme

Theme Overridding Techniques

  • Page overridding
  • Node Overridding
  • Block Overridding
  • Drupal core overridding

Discussion of important php.ini and httpd.conf file settings while working on drupal And At the last we will provide the interview questions, cheat sheets, Soft copy of materials, source code of the project which developed. And support of queries by email or the faculty after the completion of classes.

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