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This was the selection procedure that Motorola India Pvt. Ltd. (GSG - Global Software Group) followed when they visited our campus (College of Engineering, Trivandrum) in Oct 2007.

1. Pre - Placement Talk
The presentation was short and sweet. They screened a really stylish video of their products and their working culture. This was followed by a very small set of slides which included their package.

2. Test paper
The test was very short. 30 questions in 30 minutes. There were separate sets of questions for Electronics and Computer Science streams.
For computer science students, the questions were spread across all areas including OS, Data Structures, C/C++, Networking, Aptitude (Logical and Quant) (Very few questions). There was no negative marking.

3. Technical Interview
The technical interview averaged 1 hour and 10 minutes for each person. The interviewer tested all technical aspects of the candidate. There was a personal touch to the questions as what you are asked depended on the content of your resume. Feel free to take along with you, your project report or the hard copy of any of the papers you have presented as this will do you good. They are genuinely interested in knowing about you.

4. HR Interview
The HR interview made quite a few people uncomfortable. Though it wasn't stressful, the HR personnel had many of the candidates stammer for answers. But this round wouldn't be much of a problem if you had done well in the tech round.

5. Offer

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