Mastek Placement Paper

Hi Guys,

Hope some of you get help from my mastek interview experience.

They were recruiting the candidates after a series of test and interviews. The series was:

1. Written test - Aptitude, Verbal, C, Algorithm, RDBMS
2. GD
3. Technical + HR Interview.

The written test had 20 questions in each section which were not very difficult. Make sure that your C and RDBMS concepts are strong enough to face the tech interview.

The GD topic for our group was 'Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage - which is better?' The topic was pretty interesting for all of us. Everybody could speak well.
The topic given to us was simple but the topic given to another group was tougher - 'Building the road to Mt. Everest - Did China do a right thing?' It is important to read a lot of books and papers when you are preparing for GD. You need to have a good command over your language and ability to put your thoughts together quickly - this comes when you read.

GD was followed by Technical and HR interview. They were running short of time so Technical and HR interview was clubbed together. Some of the questionsI faced were:

1. Introduce yourself
2. Your strengths and weaknesses
3. RDBS - explain advatanges.
4. Some questions on C/ C++ concepts.
5. Why should we hire you?
6. What has been your greatest achievement?
7. Do you have any questions for us?

Shared by: Susant Kumar