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I attend this paper on February 12. For 6th sem students, only Aptitude questions, no technical in the first round.
Test was at 1 pm, they gave the presentation first....... do listen to it carefully. There was no bond and were giving 2.73lakh c2c.

For the Aptitude paper Please Refer the previous papers: Mastek sections Hyderabad 2005 paper submitted by Chemps. It is a set of Question paper Mastek is using from around 5 years ........ (i saw the date 2001 on it Same paper was given to us PAT C was the paper nomenclature.

Bad news was that they had 0.25 negative and  the cut- off went very high ...around 60 (a guess) and above for 80 questions 80 min.
From 500 ppl around only 30 were selected ... Then the interview was moreover a rejection process, so many got through the interview.

Ketan Thakkar

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