iSoft Technical Interview Questions

1. Let A and B be nodes of a heap, such that B is a child of A. Which condition the heap must satisfy?
a) key(A)>=key(B)
b) key(A)
c) key(A)=key(B)
d) none

2. String, List, Stack, queue are examples of___________
a) primitive data type
b) simple data type
c) Abstract data type

3. Which of the following is not true for LinkedLists?
a) The simplest kind of linked list is a single linked list
b) a more sophisticated kind of linked list is a double linked list
c) in a circular linked list ,the first and last nodes are linked together
d) to traverse a circular linked list ,u begin at any node and follow the list in either direction until u return to the original node.

4. What is the difference between System.out.println and out.println?
5. Write a program to find the greatest number in a given array?
6. Write a command to run Java using Command prompt?
7. How to compile Java?
8. Why JVM is used?

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