IBM Placement Paper

Hi Friends, Here is my IBM interview experience and might helps you some
The selection process consisted of:

a.) Written test
b.) Group Discussion
b.) Technical test
c.) HR test

The written test consisted of 45 questions to be solved in 30 minutes.
The questions were mainly on:

a.) Quantitative aptitude
b.) Matrices
c.) Series

- Beware of the negative marking in some sections.
- Quantitaive aptitude was quite easy to solve
- Matrices were a little challenging
- Series were also quite easy.

Those who could clear the written test were required to face a GD. The topic gives to our group was: Is Indian cinema today affecting the Indian culture adversely?

The key to participate in GD here is:
a.) Collect your thought well
b.) Put them across in easy to understand and fluent English.

Everybody gets a chance to speak. Don't Panic. They basically try to check your communication skills and ability to put your thoughts into words.

The ones who cleared the GD entered into Technical interview round. The topics covered were quite familiar to us - DBMS, RDBMS, Software Engineering, OOPS concepts, C, C++, our projects - mainly things which we learn at college.

HR interviewer was a charming, friendly lady. She met all of us with a smiling face and allowed us to be comfortable. The questions I face are:

- Tell me something about yourself.
- What do you do in your leisure time?
- We are looking for quick learners. Can you give me an example to show that you are a quick learner?
- Where do you see yourself down 5 years?
- What would be your reaction, if you are rejected today?
- Would you like to ask me anything?

Shared by: Krishna Rani