Hexaware Placement Paper

Hi Friends,
Hexaware recently conducted a campus recruitment drive in our college. The process started with a short introductory talk about the company. The selection process comprised of 3 rounds:

1. Written test (Aptitude, English, Basic technical test)
2. GD
3. Technical + HR Interview

The written test had sectional cut off - you need to pass each section to pass the written test. Aptitude and Eglish questions were quite simple. There were problems on numbers, trains, age, ratio and proportion etc. In technical section, the questions were based on C and C++. The questions on C, C++ were mainly - what will be the output of this code? Will this code run? will this code return any error?

Those who cleared the written test moved to GD room. Our topic was [Which one do you support - Ethics or Money?] There were 12 people in the group and the GD lasted for 15 minutes.
Every body got a chance to speak. Make sure that you give others a chance to speak as well, present your thoughts in a structured, coherent way.

Those who could make it through the GD moved to Technical interview. They were conducting HR interview also along with the technical interview. Some of the questions I faced are:

1. Tell us something about yourself.
2. Tell us some thing about your project/ training?
3. Which subject interests you the most?
4. What is RDBMS? How is it different from DBMS?
5. Explain Polymorphism. How is it different from inheritence?
6. Why do you want to work at Hexaware?
7. What do you know about Hexaware?
8. Would you like to ask us any questions?

Shared by: Susant Kumar