Consagous Technologies placement experience

Hi Friends,
Selection Process in Consagous Technologies* 1. Written Test
2. Group Discussion
3. Interview
*Written Test :*
The written test consist of 40 objective type questions from which 10 are on
aptitude skills and rest on technical skills which includes concept of
c , c++ , java,
dot net , sql and php. The written test has its three sets A, B and C. I
got set A. There were about 80-100 students who gave the test.
Aptitude questions which I remember were based on :

  • Race problems
  • Age problem
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Simple Interest
  • Percentage

They were easy and I was able to do them quickly. I liked the aptitude
questions in the test.

Technical questions which I remember were:
  • Difference between int variablename and extern int variablename?
  • Write a unix command to execute background files?
  • Dotnet basics questions.
  • Which is the reserved java keyword ? like native
  • Some output based questions
  • Where we mention the prototype of a function?

Group Discussion:

After the selection of 22 students from written test we all were taken to
the seminar hall and they make us divide into two parts. The GD topic was
given to us is
Spirituality and technology

In this everyone was able to speak , I also spoke well but some students
were not able to speak so they were also given separate chance to express
their views. This procedure I like the most was atleast one can express how
they are good if they have their confidence at low level.

After that the result came out in which 7 students selected in one list and
4 selected in second list out of 21 in which 7 were final. I was out of 7
students selected.
Interview :

Interview includes both technical and personal questions. It was good
experience. They asked firstly the personal and than technical questions
which are as such…

  • Your name?
  • Where are you from ?
  • Why you did the engineering?
  • Tell 3 positive points about you
  • Tell 3 negative points about you
  • What is html ?
  • Why java is secure?
  • What is jvm?
  • Difference between update and truncate command in sql?
  • Who is the topper of your class?
  • What you are planning for your future in which field you have to go with which major subject?
  • What will happen to you if we will not select you?

Shared by: Susant Kumar