CCNA Interview Questions and Answers


Referring to the commands shown, what command must next be used on the branch router prior to traffic being sent to the router router?

Hostname: Branch Hostname: Remote
PH# 123-6000, 123-6001 PH# 123-8000, 123-8001
SPID1: 32055512360001 SPID1: 32055512380001
SPID2: 32055512360002 SPID2: 32055512380002
isdn switch-type basic ni
username Remote password cisco
interface bri0
ip address
encapsulation ppp
ppp authentication chap
isdn spid1 41055512360001
isdn spid2 41055512360002
dialer map ip name Remote 1238001
dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit
Correct Answer: (config-if)# dialer-group 1

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