C Interview Questions and Answers


What is the stack in C?

The stack is where all the functions’ local (auto) variables are created. The
stack also contains some information used to call and return from functions.

A stack trace is a list of which functions have been called, based on this information.
When you start using a debugger, one of the first things you should learn is how
to get a stack trace.

The stack is very inflexible about allocating memory; everything must be deallocated
in exactly the reverse order it was allocated in. For implementing function calls,
that is all that’s needed. Allocating memory off the stack is extremely efficient.
One of the reasons C compilers generate such good code is their heavy use of a simple

There used to be a C function that any programmer could use for allocating memory
off the stack. The memory was automatically deallocated when the calling function
returned. This was a dangerous function to call; it’s not available anymore.

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