C Interview Questions and Answers


But I cant use all these nonstandard, system-dependent functions, because my program has to be ANSI compatible!

You're out of luck. Either you misunderstood your requirement, or it's
an impossible one to meet. ANSI/ISO Standard C simply does not define ways of doing
these things; it is a language standard, not an operating system standard. An international
standard which does address many of these issues is POSIX (IEEE 1003.1, ISO/IEC
9945-1), and many operating systems (not just Unix) now have POSIX-compatible programming

It is possible, and desirable, for most of a program to be ANSI-compatible, deferring
the system-dependent functionality to a few routines in a few files which are either
heavily #ifdeffed or rewritten entirely for each system ported to;

Posted by:Richards